Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Shut Up White People!

At the DNC Chairman candidates forum, some guilty, militant quasi-White broad named Sally Boynton Brown says her job is "shut other white people down" when they have an opinion. That comment drew applause and nods of agreement. Tell me again two things:

a) Do Democrats ever want another White person to ever vote for Democrat candidates? Clearly not. Their entire political strategy is to pack the U.S. with non-White voters and get them to vote Democrat with the promise of "free" stuff paid for by White tax-payers. Wealthy White liberals who can afford to live in gated, guarded communities will be fine but the rest of White America will be left at the mercy of others, told they have to pay for every service and be grateful for the privilege.

b) Why should White people think that trying to placate racial minorities will ever lead to harmony when it is clear that only complete capitulation and self-subjugation by White people with ever satisfy the forces of multiculturalism?

If we don't stem the demographic doomsday coming soon, there will cease to be a voice for Whites in America and those of us who remain will be bled dry, financially at first and literally at some point.

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