Sunday, January 22, 2017

After We Deport The Illegal Aliens We Should Deport The "Celebrities"

Washed up slut-rocker Madonna was out trying desperately to show she is still relevant after all of these years at the Angry Liberal Chick Stampede For Abortion And Lesbianism yesterday in Sodom Washington D.C. Her entire claim to fame over the years came from being overly dirty and skanky, a talented singer who rose to fame and fortune not because she was talented but because she mixed her talent with tawdry lyrics and suggestive music videos. White middle class girls in the 80's could feel rebellious and naughty by listening to her music, just like White middle class boys in the 80's felt tough and edgy by listening to rap from N.W.A and Ice-T. Over the years she has become increasingly irrelevant as new pop tarts out slutted and skanked her, first singers like Britney Spears with her school girl outfits and then Miley Cyrus who performs simulated (I think they are simulated) sex acts on stage. At 58 and charging fast toward 60, Madonna can't keep up because she is just too old and unattractive these days so she resorts to the old female celebrity stand-by, shrill political comments. Yesterday she said something that if Toby Keith had said when Obama was inaugurated (did you know he was our first black President? Probably not, no one ever mentions that), Keith would have ended up in jail:
"Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won't change anything."
So she doesn't blow up the White House, not because it would be wrong as the White House belongs to the American people and murder and property destruction is wrong, she doesn't bother because it wouldn't change anything. Gotta hand it to those progressives, they are so incredibly tolerant!

The contrast in media coverage is predictable. Just a google search of "Madonna" gives you this (as an aside, I feel like I should open an incognito window and get a penicillin shot afterward if I am going to google Madonna):

Yes, very powerful Rolling Stone. It is obviously edgy and brave to say exactly what people who adore you want to hear.

This comes after the Inauguration itself where thugs and unemployed nobodies with nothing better to do struck a blow for democracy by breaking some windows and sucker punching Richard Spencer before running away. Nothing says brave freedom fighter like some neutered "man" wearing a mask, hitting someone who isn't looking and then running away before Spencer knew what happened. Joke is on that guy, nothing he could have done would have given Richard more free publicity and probably a lot of page hits than hitting him on camera. It is weird how virtually all of the violence during the last election came from peaceful progressives and was inflicted on violent, intolerant people on the Right.

On the other hand President Trump tweeted this message this morning:

How odd. I thought Trump and his supporters were a threat to democracy and yet they are the ones being attacked in the street, women being spit on and attacked by other "women" at a "Women's March", people throwing stuff at ball attendees or punching people in the streets or breaking windows and setting cars on fire.

If I didn't know better, I might think that Trump and people on the Right, from neo-cons to Alt-Right folks, were the ones who were engaged in civil debate over actual ideas and the open-minded, tolerant, intellectual progressives were the ones trying to cause civil unrest and overturn the results of a perfectly legal election. That can't be the case though as everyone knows progressives are kind and loving and people on the right are all just wannabe Nazis.

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