Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Does Promise To Be Great...But....

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance fame published a brief video looking back at 2016 and forward to 2017 with a great deal of optimism. Check it out, it is only about 5 minutes long:

I agree with most of what he says, especially as it pertains to Eastern Europe. As I think through the idea of a white ethnostate, I am sorry to say I am not sure how it would happen on the North American continent because of demographic trends and the general self-emasculation of so many North American "men". But Eastern Europe shows a great deal of promise in places like Hungary, the Czech republic and Poland given their reasonable stance toward "immigrants" who want to subvert their culture, rape their women and/or just kill them (see for example Hungary Looks to 'Sweep Away' Soros -Linked Organizations) in addition to their existing demographics that are not on a downward slide toward White minority. It is ironic that as someone who grew up in the last twenty years of the Cold War with fallout shelter signs in my elementary school that I now look with hope at the former Warsaw Pact nations for the future and preservation of European culture.

Back to the video. As I mentioned, while I agree with much of what he said and I also agree that it is cause for celebration and optimism, I also think there is a great deal of need for caution. 2016 was the year that the alt-right exploded into the mainstream of American conversation, even when that exposure was usually peppered with dire warnings from mainstream media sources and staunch "conservatives" alike. Now that more and more people like me are taking the red pill and starting to more openly discuss formerly taboo topics you can be sure that the ponderous and putrefying but still powerful forces that dominate our current "culture" are going to turn their attention to killing this baby in the womb. I see a few serious issues that threaten to undo a lot of the progress that has been made to date. As I write this I am deeply aware of the fact that I am a) very new to the movement and b) have a lot of unlearning to do. But here goes anyway:

1) Attacks from the media

You can be sure that the mainstream media, now in open revolt and in declared war against Trump and more broadly against White America, is going to pull out all of the stops to sow dissent among the alt-right, White nationalist/identity, anti-globalism, "anti-immigrant" groups. Even more so, I see the media doing their best to keep people away from the alt-right and others by planting seeds of fear in the mind of "normies" and even among groups like libertarians, paleoconservatives and others who might be sympathetic to some positions and likely would be sympathetic to others if exposed to resources and networks. Especially of concern is the need for networks beyond social media. No one, at least not many people, want to feel like some lone crazed nut banging out screeds in his basement. We want to feel like we are part of something. My positions on immigration control, on recovering White European identity, racial consciousness, etc. are pretty meaningless in a vacuum. So expect the worst to be showcased and to never, ever, get a fair hearing.

2) Infighting

As a result of the media attacks on the movement and if we are honest some of the prickly personalities in the movement as well, infighting is a major issue. I have seen this in groups like Reformed Christians who seem to often be more concerned with purging insufficiently Reformed people out of the church than in reaching unbelievers. The same seems true with some of the purity tests, "I'm the real alt-right!" stuff I see a lot of, even as new as I am. Calling people who are not 100% with you "cuckservatives" might get a laugh and a lot of the time, especially with neo-cons and establishment Republicans, it might be true but if everyone who is not ideologically pure enough for you is your enemy, you pretty soon will find yourself being completely right and completely alone. I am not saying that people who support one issue but are dead wrong on everything else are compatriots and part of the movement, they can be allies of convenience on certain issues while there are some non-negotiable issues that need to be adhered to but someone who is with you on 90% of the issues is not your enemy and in fact with time and conversation can get even more on board. As people come to our webpages and read what prominent people write they are going to decide to go back to Fox News or keep reading in very short order. Let's not get so bogged down with our purity tests that we just look like a bunch of squabbling children who don't like Mexicans.

3) Moving past propaganda to practicality

Memes are easy, trolling is easy, talking to an echo chamber is easy. But seeing real progress taking place in substantive ways is much more difficult. Yippee Trump got elected, yippee Nationalist leaders are gaining ground in Europe but now what? That is where it seems things get kind of hazy. Some of the stuff I am passionate about, like taking more control of our White demographic destiny, are going to take a lot of time. The public leaders of the movement need to lead by example by having families. With more than 2.5x the average family size I did and am doing my part! This is actually one of the biggest issues I see for the future. What does this movement do for the next 2-4 years? What are the goals? Maybe this has been answered elsewhere and I haven't seen it yet but it often seems as if the mainstay of the alt-right is caught up in day to day stuff, responding to things that have happened in the latest news cycle instead of more "big picture" questions. Again, maybe (probably?) this has been addressed elsewhere but I haven't come across it yet because I am just as guilty many days of getting caught up in the daily news cycle.

That is a less than comprehensive list, just some off the cuff thoughts I had and banged out without putting a lot of effort into it. I am looking forward to 2017 in a way that I haven't in a long time. For many years I have watched the slow crumbling of our culture accelerating and it seemed as if no one cared but my wife and I. Today it is clear that a lot of people care about the future of our country, of our European culture and of our race. That alone would be an encouragement. Now we need to get past January 20th and the euphoria that will bring to many of us and prepare to go to war like we never have before. What we have seen coming out of the dominant cultural instruments of the day over the weeks and months since the election and even since the infamous and asinine "alt-right speech" of Hillary Clinton in August are nothing compared to what we will see in the next year. If you are serious about what you say, you had better be ready to get your nose bloody because this is a fight, quite literally, for dominance and for survival.

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