Saturday, January 14, 2017

AmRen Reading List For The Alt-Right

Tons of media/social media outlets put out book lists every year. Most are not terribly useful and from most of the "mainstream" media outlets the books are going to be selected as much for how "diverse" and "multi-cultural" their viewpoints are as for how well written or useful they are. American Renaissance just put out their own list from a group of like-minded people, An American Renaissance Reading List. Not a terribly catchy title for the list but the content is pure gold, especially for people like me new to the cause. I like that it includes both fiction and non-fiction selections from most contributors. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction and the fiction I do read is mostly either worldview neutral or at least partly written from a hostile worldview so I am looking over the fiction suggestions to find some outlets for less serious reading that is still set in a correct worldview framework. I would welcome additional recommendations, especially for engaging fiction works, that will help me to continue to boldly stride down the rabbit hole.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of reading. On the Alt-Right or New Right or White Nationalist or race realists or whatever you call yourself, one basic fact is true and needs to be remembered. We have better ideas and we have the facts. The globalists, the race-deniers, the unlimited immigration evangelists, the leftist state slaves have nothing but emotion and misplaced anger so countering that can be important with equal energy but of at least equal importance is having better intellectual arguments that we have thought through. The screaming, violent leftists get the coverage on TV but when it comes down to one on one conversations on those rare occasions when you get a shot at someone who is not going to reject your line of thinking out of hand, you had better have your thoughts in order. Just spouting off about blacks being violent or that the Jews are behind it all is not going to get you as far as an argument where you have obviously thought through the big picture and anticipated the counter-arguments. There are both methods on display among the alt-right, from the more intellectual arguments from Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald and to an extent Richard Spencer to the more Wild West world of Gab, Twitter, YouTube, memes and other full contact arenas. It is necessary to engage in both worlds. We cannot permit social media to be a single viewpoint megaphone as so many fellow citizens consume social media in such enormous and typically uncritical volume. Our voices need to be out there pointing out the hypocrisy, the foolishness, the sheer stupidity and often that means mocking and trolling the hordes of unwashed angry feminists (redundant, I know) and effete, emasculated "men" craving the approval of women who hate actual men. It is obvious that our presence on social media is a threat because so many leftists are trying to hard to silence any dissenting thought. On the other hand we also need to be intellectually engaged to show those who assume that race realists, nationalists, etc. are all high school drop out angry white yokels who rant on social media when the Oxy wears off.

Check out the list above. Share on social media and elsewhere books you find intellectually stimulating and useful. Recommend good books to friends. Challenge people to read outside of their comfort zones. Winning minds is as important as winning hearts and as someone new to the club I was pleasantly surprised by how sound and intellectual so much of the material published on "our side" truly is.

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