Thursday, February 9, 2017

White working class? Just replace 'em!

In one of those examples of why in a world where every person carries a recording device and the internet allows those recordings to be broadcast to the world instantaneously you need to watch what you say, Jewish neo-con Bill Kristol opined that the White working class is kind of struggling but that is probably because they are lazy and just into hanging on by clipping coupons, which Kristol seems to think is a sign of decadence and decay rather than being frugal. In fact the White working class are so worthless and failing to contribute that it would be best to just get rid of them and replace them with Mexicans, as if the American people are nothing more than economic units that can be interchangeable and as if new waves of White immigrants 100 years ago are the same thing as waves of Mexican immigrants today. White people not working as much as you want? Get rid of them and replace them with Mexicans. Whatever you need to do to keep the worker bees working. As quoted from American Renaissance:
Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in? Seriously, you can make the case—this is going on too long and this is too crazy, probably, and I hope this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse.
Here is the clip which I am sure AEI would love to get removed from Youtube:

Bill seems to have a pretty low opinion of White people but if someone were to suggest that since the Jews are struggling with terrorism in Israel maybe we should just replace them with Palestinians, you can imagine the cries of anti-Semitism and the invocation of the Holocaust. For the record, I am not recommending replacing Jews with Palestinians.

Maybe for people like Bill Kristol, Whites are just another cog in the machine that can be replaced and have America keep chugging along as before. What he doesn't seem to understand is that you cannot replace the people and the culture that made America a nation where he and his family have become rich and influential with a different culture and expect things to go on as they were before. There is a reason Mexicans keep leaving Mexico, they don't like living somewhere that Mexicans dominate. There is nothing magical about the soil on this side of the Rio Grande that will make Mexicans who move here suddenly turn into the Founding Fathers. Instead it is more likely that the more Mexicans move here, the more America will look like Mexico which is precisely the place Mexicans seem to want to get away from. The same is true with Muslim "refugees", the more you bring into America, the more those parts of America where they live will start to look like the places they fled from. We already see this in Europe but that doesn't stop people in this country from pretending that passing through customs in an American airport makes people magically adopt American values.

It seems to me more likely that Kristol sees the White working class backlash against the Washington establishment, and by proxy the Jewish neo-con power brokers who are out of power, as a betrayal of his idea of the Republican party of endless interventions in the Middle East. The nomination and election of Trump was in a part a giant middle finger being given to the neo-con establishment and so those White working class voters who elected a Republican need to being eradicated and replaced because the unspoken flip side of his replacement equation is that in order to replace the White working class you need to not only bring in Mexicans to increase their numbers, you need to reduce the White working class population. Thanks to low birth-rates, higher incidences of White births out of wedlock, mixed race babies replacing White babies and the drug and suicide epidemic that plagues White working class communities, that part of Kriston's Final Solution for Whites is on the right path.

Instead of replacing the White working class with Mexicans and Muslim "refugees", maybe we should try to adopt policies in this country that encourage and revitalize White working class communities, starting with immigration reform, closing the borders and reducing the number of people we bring here to replace White workers. Stop providing incentives for the White working class to emulate the black underclass in joblessness and social pathology. It will take time but the people of America, those same White working class people Kristol wants to get rid of, are what built this country and made it great in the first place. Suggesting that we can just replace them when they become inconvenient is exactly why Trump was elected in the first place and why people stopped listening to Jewish neo-cons. Trump for all of his faults and foibles has the interests of the White working class as a top priority. Kristol and his ilk don't. It really is just as simple as that.

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