Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Immigration and Self-Destruction

It is generally the case that on any given topic from abortion to the merit of using fabric softener, the Left in this country can be counted on to respond to any and all issues with a toxic mixture of a complete lack of logic, jaw-dropping stupidity and tearful hysteria. Actually, scratch the word "generally", there are no known exceptions to this statement.

The latest case in point, skipping for the nonce the nomination last night of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court which is causing all sorts of overwrought reactions, is the very reasonable and probably far too lenient and temporary restriction on travel to the U.S. from states that are known hotbeds of anti-Western terrorism and the general chaos that accompanies Islam, especially where it is found without the slightly civilizing influence of lots of oil money. The wailing and crying from people like life-long Jewish politician Chuck Schumer, who seems oblivious to the fact that the people he wants to import into America in massive numbers also hate his guts for being a Jew and many would gladly toss him off of a building, is silly and wildly ignorant. I have found very, very few people on social media, even from normally thoughtful if misguided people, that have taken the time to think through these questions at even the most basic level. Let me throw a little something out there....

In general the refugees and illegal immigrant laborers of this world come from either Muslim countries or countries that are predominantly black or Hispanic. You probably have noticed that at the present no one is talking about building a wall to keep Canadians from crossing our borders, although given the idiot who is Prime Minister currently that might be a topic for the future. The simple fact that refugees and illegal aliens come almost exclusively from nations that share one or both of those attributes is without question. That brings us to the next point. There must be something about those nations that generates so many refugees and illegal aliens. This is where the liberal mind breaks down. They simply cannot take that next step. "We need to help the black and brown refugees" is where they stop without ever wondering why all of the refugees are black and brown in the first place.

The second point is that almost all of these refugees who are able to do so are heading for countries that also share some common characteristics. They tend to head for countries that are, or at least used to be, predominantly White and at least nominally Christian. Countries like the U.S., Germany, England, Sweden, etc. share a common heritage and offer the refugee and illegal alien a wealth of advantages over other nations that demographically and culturally are similar to what they are trying to flee from.

In other words, people from black and brown and/or Muslim dominated nations are desperately trying to leave the company of other people who look and/or believe like they do and go to countries where people don't look and don't believe as they do. The culture is different, the religion is different, even the climate is different and yet you still have Somalians moving to tropical paradises like Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis.

What is up with that? Either one of two possibilities must be in play here. Either they are heading for these countries under false pretenses in order to wage jihad, which many of them clearly are, or there are fleeing their own nations and the company of their own people because being in a nation that is White and nominally Christian beats being in a country that is black or brown and/or Muslim.

Here comes the next leap. If there are valid reasons for wanting to go from one culture and move at great risk to another culture, it means that the receiving culture is superior in some ways, enough so that leaving your homeland is worth it. Saying something like that is absolutely forbidden in our "enlightened" society but that doesn't make it less true. They aren't trying to come to America because they think their lives will be worse here but because they think their lives will be better and that is because the make-up and culture of America and Europe is better than the same in Africa, the Middle-East, Mexico, Cuba, etc. People don't flee Somalia to go to Yemen. They don't leave Mexico to go to Columbia. They leave nations that are full of people like themselves to go to nations full of people not like themselves because the people not like themselves have built a better place to live than people like themselves.

Look at a listing of nations by highest percentage of Muslims. You have places like Afghanistan, 99.8% Muslim, where former 13 year old child "brides" are raped, beaten and have their ears and noses cut off by their "husbands". Iran (99.7%), Iraq (98.9%), Yemen (99%), "modern" Turkey (98.6%). Would any sane person voluntarily leave the U.S. or Finland or the Netherlands and move to one of those countries? I would rather be in prison in America than live in a place like Afghanistan or Iran. I don't want to move there and since I am a Christian and not afraid to say it, they don't want me there and would probably express their displeasure by cutting my head off.

The next leap.

What happens in places like the United States, Norway, France, etc. when the people who have the culture and characteristics of places they wanted to flee from start to become more and more culturally dominate in the places they fled to? We already see this in Scandinavia where absorbing thousands of "refugees" has made places that were once safe completely off-limits for Whites, especially women. The result is the place you moved to doesn't make life better for you in the long run, instead your presence and refusal to assimilate makes the place you fled to as bad as the place you fled from. That is not going to happen soon in the majority of the U.S. because of the sheer mass of people and the general difficulty of getting here from Africa and the Middle East (unlike Mexico) but it is already happening in Europe in smaller nations and we see it happening here in places like California and Texas as they fill up with Mexicans and the White birthrate continues to drop like a stone.

It is a crude and probably racist analogy but throwing a bar of soap into a mud puddle doesn't make the mud puddle cleaner, it just makes the bar of soap dirty. The Bible teaches that a little bit of leaven leavens the entire loaf (1 Corinthians 5:6) and the more you forcibly cram people who are from backwards nations into advanced nations, the greater the impact. Our refugees and illegal immigrants are not enhancing our culture, they are degrading it and turning parts of America into mirror images of the very places they are fleeing from. That doesn't help them nor is it compassionate and it is harmful and destructive to the very aspects of America and Europe that make refugees risk death to flee there in the first place.

This sort of logical progression in thought escapes the emotion-driven, "muh feelz" denizens of the American Left. They never think beyond the next five minutes and never seem able to think more than one step into a proposed solution. As a result we get people who think that a 3 month temporary ban on a very select, targeted set of nations with obvious security issues is somehow a human rights disaster. Trying to explain the thought process above to liberals is usually a waste of time because they lack the critical thinking skills to even consider it. Thus it is the responsibility and duty for those of us who care about this country and our traditional heritage to pass those critical thinking skills on to our children (which assumes we will have children in the first place).

If you want to actually help refugees and people who are disadvantaged in other countries, you should first consider the needs of people in this country and also that this country is $20 trillion in debt, a debt that will cripple the economy of our children. Second, if you are so inclined you really ought to think of ways to help them where they are. Foremost among this would be to stop meddling in foreign affairs which increases the instability of those countries and creates a sense of "you break it, you buy it" responsibility to "fix" the nations we broke. Letting people with a shared identity and a shared culture control their own destiny rather than piggy-backing on that of another people is far more compassionate. Self-determination is part of what made America great and we shouldn't seek to take that away from people from other countries to "rescue" them. Instead let them forge their own destiny. If all cultures are equally valuable and all people are essentially equal in ability, and that is what we are told over and over, then they should be able to do just fine on their own without Western imperialism hindering their growth. Of course logic and history undercuts that theory but that doesn't obligate the U.S. and Europe to become precisely the sort of places these people are fleeing from in the first place.

You can't improve the lives of people by permitting them to replicate their social malformations in new and exciting places. We need to be firm in defending what makes our nations and our culture the envy of the world and encourage other nations to forge their own path forward instead of opening our borders to their citizens. We have an obligation, I might even say a sacred obligation, to preserve our culture for our children and that is more important than suicidal gestures that clearly have never been thought out.

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