Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gee, Why Does The Alt-Right Have So Much Momentum And Energy?

It is not just the clever memes and Twitter trolling, or the violence against alt-right people peaceably expressing their opinions or even the Youtube videos or Gab conversations. I think a lot of it has to do with the general sense of growing anger at the barrage of crap being dumped on White people in this country. For example...

Exhibit A, the trailer for the new Netflix black revenge porn series "Dear White People". The video is very brief but in that short time is incredibly offensive for the stereotypes of White people, who apparently all live in opulent fraternity houses and wear blackface paint and appropriate black "culture". You will note that in the video you see a horde of blacks storming a White frat house, pushing White kids around and destroying their property. Is that the message being sent to Whites, don't make the blacks angry or offend them or even just be yourselves or you might find a crowd of blacks breaking into your home and pushing you around and breaking your stuff? The backlash against the video is pretty severe, threatening to send it into serious competition with the Ghostbusters remake for most disliked video in history. Since I saw it this morning at around 82,000 dislikes it has climbed to over 105,000 dislikes and is still climbing. Nice marketing Netflix!

Exhibit B, I posted earlier about neo-con Bill Kristol cavalierly suggesting that the solution to the problems in the White working class is to simply replace them, like with Mexicans who really want to work hard and create a better life for their kids. Makes perfect sense to me, clearly no one in the White working class actually works hard or wants a better life for our kids. We all just sit around "cutting coupons" in between taking hits of prescription painkillers or meth. For Kristol the American people, specifically the very people who created and sustained this nation, built our cities, defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan, sent a man to the moon, etc., are nothing more than replaceable economic units of production. I happen to think they are people who deserve more than to be cast aside for Mexicans.

Exhibit C, Under-Armour is going to invest $5.5. billion in majority black hellhole/shooting gallery Baltimore but that plan is called "white supremacy". Yes, trying to invest money in a city that is majority black and crime-ridden (funny how those go together), a plan that will create all sorts of jobs for construction, on-going employment and additional jobs in restaurants and other industries that spring up where other jobs exist, is nothing but the Man keeping the brothers down by...providing gainful employment. Obviously this is just a ploy to get blacks to work at real jobs instead of shooting each other while waiting for a reparation check.

Exhibit D, the Hispanic woman governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinzez the only female Hispanic governor in America, is called a racist by a scrawny beta-male "white" liberal because she supports making it more difficult for people in this country illegally to get a driver's license in New Mexico. Clearly an effete White guy knows more about the Hispanic experience in America than Governor Martinez who obviously doesn't know anything about being Mexican-American: "She is a former Democrat and grew up in a Mexican-American household near the U.S.-Mexico border.". As a spokesperson for the Governor pointed out "...the overwhelming majority of Hispanics in New Mexico supported her initiative to end the dangerous practice of giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants". Obviously those majority of Hispanics who support this policy are also racists. What would we do without milquetoast guilty White liberals to tell us what to think?

That is just a brief survey of a couple of items in the news from the last day or so. We are bombarded with this crap all day, every day and I see more and more people who are just sick and tired of it. If trying to invest in a city that desperately needs investment is White supremacy and if entertainment companies think putting forth black violence revenge porn is what consumers want to watch, is it any wonder more and more people are finally so sick of the narrative that they are giving the alt-right and other race realists a fair hearing and realizing that what we say makes a lot of sense?

Please keep it up Netflix and Bill Kristol. You are doing a lot of the hardest work for us.

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