Thursday, February 2, 2017

Glenn Beck Is An Entertainer, Not A Serious Thinker Nor A Friend of Liberty

It kills me that some people who think of themselves as "conservative" and lovers of liberty still listen to moonbat Glenn Beck as if he is on our team. Let's be clear, the only team Beck is on is Team Enrich Glenn Beck. He is a more than slightly deranged member of a cult who sells his voice and for some reason people take him seriously. Exhibit A, Beck's response to the riot last night at Berkeley:

Right. I defend Milo's right to speak but I also draw a moral equivalence between his speech that people don't like and rioters who burn stuff, pepper spray girls and beat people unconscious. Notice the words he used again: Rioters on left just as bad. How does someone who commits criminal acts of vandalism and violence that could have killed people only qualify as "just as bad"?

Here is a hint for self-proclaimed Constitutional expert Glenn Beck: free speech and free expression is expressly protected in the Constitution. Criminal vandalism and violence against people you disagree with is not. That isn't really that hard to understand if you have a middle-school level reading comprehension.

I don't have any particular affinity for Milo. Like I have said, he is occasionally amusing, he is provocative and he makes the right people mad but he is hardly a leader of the alt-right. However I have even less affinity for Glenn Beck, a lunatic snake-oil salesman who says whatever the political winds that are blowing on any given day in order to sell ad space on his radio show, memberships for his website and of course his books that I am pretty sure are mostly written by other people.

If you consider yourself a serious thinker and a defender of liberty but you still listen to Beck, you don't understand those terms,

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