Wednesday, February 1, 2017

If You Drink Budweiser

A) You should be ashamed of yourself because it is terrible and probably tastes better after it has passed through your urinary tract.

B) You should stop because clearly Anheuser-Busch thinks that selling crappy, cheap beer gives it license to smack you in the face with their clumsy virtue signaling.

Check out this silly Budweiser ad that is about a subtle as a jackhammer.

Didja get that subtle message? Oh, see if Trump had been President, Adolphus Busch wouldn't have been able to come to America and we would be forced to drink monkey urine instead of "The King of Beers". Of course Busch came here in 1857 and came here legally and was not from a nation that was known for fomenting terrorism. So other than that, it is just like the current debate over illegal aliens and a temporary freeze on "refugees". Does A-B think that the people who drink Budweiser, who probably voted overwhelmingly for Trump, are going to appreciate the suggestion in this video that they are terrible people?

If you want to drink a beer that is not so concerned with virtue signaling and clumsy appeals to the coastal elites that wouldn't be caught dead drinking their "beer" anyway, try Yuengling which got all sorts of crap for an endorsement of Trump last fall.

The King of Beers. What a joke.

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