Monday, June 19, 2017

You Had Best Uncuck Yourself

In my normie life I frequent a lot of "conservative" haunts on the internet, including some that less astute people would consider "far right". Most of my social media acquaintances are very conservative. What I have noticed is that a ton of them are "right on the edge". They are on the cusp of being awakened, they see the red pill and are reaching for it but something is holding them back. They just can't take the leap.

This is not an accident.

I am sure that everyone who is recently red-pilled has some experiences with what I am talking about. There are times when I get ready to post something here or on Twitter or Gab, not even a really outrageous thing, and I still get that twinge. "You can't say that!" is what goes through my mind. My wife is the same way. I am smack dab in what you would call middle-aged and it happens to me. I grew up in a far less PC time where you could still jokingly use ethnic insults with friends and people were not squeamish about warning you to stay away from dangerous neighborhoods. Everyone understood that homosexuality was a weird perversion, that men who dressed like women were mentally ill, that getting knocked up out of wedlock was a bad thing for the mother and child and that miscegenation was frowned upon. Despite that we have all been lured into an abusive relationship with the entertainment world and thanks in large part to that we have been inundated with political correctness, which is a nice way of saying that we (by "we" I mean White, heterosexual, gainfully employed and especially Christian Americans) have been taught a virulent strain of self-loathing. We have been taught that a lot of topics are completely off-limits and out-of-bounds: why doesn't anyone talk about why minorities commit more crimes, why doesn't anyone point out that replacing European heritage Americans with Muslims, Mexicans and Africans is going to irreparably change our nation, why don't we talk about the future when elderly Whites who worked their whole lives to build this country are going to be at the mercy of non-Whites who will feel no obligation to fund Social Security and Medicare? Alongside being muzzled, we are also endlessly told that White people didn't build this country (Or as Comrade Obama would say to every hard-working entrepreneur in this country "You didn't build that", as if he has ever built anything worthwhile in his life) and in fact that White people and Western culture are terrible, although no one seems to wonder if White majority Western nations are so bad, why do non-Whites so desperately want to come here instead of the other way around?

For people that are, let's say 10-15 years younger than me that have been out of school for a while, this is far more acute. In school we had very little PC nonsense or at least it was less obvious. World War II was about battles, not Japanese internment camps. Today young adults have been fed a literal lifetime of multicultural indoctrination coupled with an unsubtle loathing of their own Whiteness. Gone are the days of Ward on Leave it to Beaver and shows like Father Knows Best where White fathers went to work and came home to their intact families with normal kids and loving wives and were wise, strict but compassionate. Young adults now grew up with Al Bundy, Homer Simpson and a rogue's gallery of White fathers who were dumb, unhip, bumbling, lazy and married to angry, disdainful harpies. There is no better example of this than the 1999 critically acclaimed film American Beauty where the lead character is a White guy with a family that is dysfunctional as can be, a guy who is cheated on by his wife and who lusts after his daughter's teen-aged friend. The only "normal family" in the movie is a benevolent and warm and perfectly delightful homosexual couple. Little wonder adults of that age are messed up and self-loathing.

There is more hope for the up and coming generation of adults. Having been lectured, hectored, scolded and marketed to their entire lives, they are highly cynical and skeptical. It is kind of ironic that the generation that has been exposed to the most open and constant barrage of political correctness and White self-loathing is also less likely to buy it. Unfortunately the same is not true of their opinions when it comes to human sexuality but that is a topic for another day.

The question for me is how to reach that middle generation and adults of my own generation who are so close to breaking free but can't quite do it. Pepe and other dank memes are great for the younger kids but aren't going to get it done for older adults. This is where we need to be very careful. Careful about the message and careful about the messengers. There is an important part to play in this movement for people "in-between", Youtube content creators who are politically incorrect but not quite completely racially awoke. Political and cultural writers on the fringe of conservative respectability. These people serve as a bridge from mainstream "conservatism" which is run by effeminate guys like George Will and Jewish neocons, people who are happy as long as they can keep making a ton of money with their pious musings safe on their perches, to the people on our side who use facts, reason and logic to dismantle the narrative of the globalist, statist, anti-White Left. Screaming "cuck!" at everyone who is not on board 100% with the JQ is counter-productive, and I fear it is a sign that for some "leaders" in the alt-right, the alt-right itself is a brand to be jealously guarded for their own benefit.

I think it is too late to save this country as it was but I also think there is a chance for a Great Awakening that will, if channeled properly, allow us to salvage what we can of America for Americans and our posterity. Now is the time to keep up the pressure, to never let up on the counter-multicultural narrative. Those who oppose our message will never stop. They are fanatics for their cause and their hatred for Whites is unquenchable. We must be equally resolute in our message. We have history, we have facts, we have logic, we have reason, all on our side but the Left and corporatist establishment Right have control of the engines of popular culture and "education". They have been waging a multi-front war and so must we in our counter-offensive.

If White Americans don't uncuck ourselves and soon, there will be nothing left and we will be forced into hiding in our homes while this country burns down around us or find ourselves fleeing to Eastern Europe. I am not ready to pack my bags for Poland or Hungary just yet, not while there is still a chance to reclaim the European heritage that made America great in the first place.

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