Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Devouring Ourselves

As someone fairly new (less than a year) to being sold on the red-pill and accepting much of standard alt-right orthodoxy, I have noticed a very familiar pattern. That pattern is seen in lots of high-commitment groups, from sports to theology to politics. It manifests itself in endless sniff testing and ideological purity purges. Oh, you are a New York Yankees fan? What is your opinion of Billy Martin? Hah, I knew it! You are a poser, a fake fan! Begone!

The base position of people like this, whatever the context, is that they would rather win the argument than win the war. Being "pure" in your position is better than being triumphant. That is fine when the argument is over sports, if you want to sit in your man-cave with all of your overpriced sports memorabilia and gloat about being the world's biggest <insert team name> fan, go for it. It is juvenile but generally harmless.

If you are talking about the continued existence or very probably extinction of a race and culture, then being the most rightest guy around doesn't count for much. When your race is gone and your culture is relegated to a footnote, those who replaced you won't applaud your principled stance. Instead they will more likely laugh at you out loud while silently thanking you for making their task easier.

That is kind of the situation the alt-right has found itself in. Prior to 2016, who had heard of the "alt-right"? White nationalism was hidden under the cultural lore of the Klan, skinheads and "neo-Nazis". It was a fringe of a fringe of a fringe. But in 2016, ironically due in no small part to the real head of the Clinton crime family, i.e. Hillary, mentioning the alt-right in a speech and getting heckled with "Pepe!" shouts during speeches, the alt-right burst onto the mainstream and was given outsized credit for electing Donald Trump.

Then the wheels started coming off.

Mere weeks after the election, the National Policy Institute held it's conference and because of the outcome of the election is got a lot of press. It especially got a lot of press because of this:

This was the first sign of things to come. The media jumped all over it. Almost no one knows the content of the talks given, just that at one point Spencer somewhat jokingly said "Hail Trump!" and a few people in the audience tossed up a "Nazi salute". You can quibble over the true meaning of it but in America a raised hand in that manner means only one thing "Sieg Heil". Richard might as well have been wearing a hat with a Gestapo totenkopf on it. It was the first taste of what genuine media attention would look like going forward.

Over the next 7 months a pattern has been repeated. Some segments of the alt-right seem determined to turn the alt-right into a brand and market the crap out of it. Like a corporate marketing department they jealously guard their brand. If you don't know what I mean, try modifying a famous corporate logo a little and see what happens.

Don't misunderstand. There are a lot of good things going on. From the attacks by "antifa" on Spencer and others to the mobs on campus attacking Milo (who is not alt-right at all) and Charles Murray (also not alt-right at all) to the recent ridiculous anti-alt-right resolution at the Southern Baptist Convention, the alt-right and White nationalism in general is drawing a lot of attention and in spite of the best efforts of the media and "mainstream" conservatives alike to discredit the ideas, I believe the alt-right has a lot of momentum. Every time someone punches Richard Spencer and his name gets googled, more people get exposed and that is how the ideas spread. A lot of White people already secretly believe much of what White nationalism teaches and instinctively understand the peril our race and culture is in and finding out that a lot of other people feel the same way without wearing silly white hoods or having shaved heads is encouraging. I think the number of people exposed to and buying into our ideas is lightyears ahead of where it was this time last year.

It is also a curse because the last seven months have also seen a ton of ideological purges and  pogroms. To me, people who are popular and part of the way toward where we are serve as a useful stepping stone. To others they are responded to like Nike suing a shoe manufacturer for making a knock-off Air Jordan and calling it the Air Johnson. There are so many smart, funny and persuasive people who are not "alt-right" proper. I am sure I am not sufficiently ideologically pure in some eyes to even embrace the label alt-right. But those people with blogs, twitter accounts and especially Youtube channels are what I would consider sympathetic co-belligerents. We don't share 100% of the same goals but we do share a lot of them and we also have a very similar enemies list. For example, Milo is a degenerate sodomite. There isn't a nicer way of putting it. I don't want him in my home or around my kids. But like a court jester he gets people laughing and perhaps thinking. He is not one of us in any way but he helps move the Overton window toward us and that struggle is constant. If it ain't moving your way, it is moving against you. We have been losing that fight for a long time as evidenced by the fact that suddenly "transgender rights" are the most important issue of our day and pedophilia is right on the cusp of acceptable discourse. If people like Milo and others say publicly what we already know on topics like race, "immigration", the culture destroying danger of Islam, etc., it shifts the range of discourse and people start talking about the same things we are talking about.

We are right in the middle of another public squabble. I won't go into the issues or the combatants because it isn't important and I am not sure I understand it all. All I know is that it distracts from the real issues, gives aid and comfort to our enemies and wastes energy on petty squabbles and "more White nationalist than thou" crap. I am concerned that this is really about pride, influence and money and that sort of squabble has the potential to derail the entire movement for the sake of a few more hits on one website rather than another.

Hold firm to your convictions, I would never say otherwise. But please keep our elective eyes on the prize and more importantly the peril. This is a critical time for the movement and it could make or break us. Do we want to end up as a tiny fringe of ideological purity with a couple of megalomaniacs and their fanboys? Or do we want to be the vanguard of a reawakening of our people that will save our future for our posterity? The answer is everything and a lot of people need to figure that out.

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