Friday, December 2, 2016

Stop Tweeting And Start Having Babies

While the media would have us believe that Donald Trump is a secret, or not so secret, alt-right Trojan horse, the reality is quite different. As he prepares to take office it is rapidly becoming clear that Trump is a complete wild-card. Will he make the changes he promised, from building a wall to a repeal-replace of Obamacare? Or will he surround himself with establishment, neo-con, globalist Republicans who will whisper compromise and status quo in his ear? While it was certain that every single decision Hillary would make would be as wrong as possible, we really don't know what Trump will do. The one area that is seems to me most likely that Trump will make real progress on is immigration. I say that because it also is the area where he was perhaps the loudest and clearest. I am pretty sure he will be a one term President, if for no other reason than a counter-revolutionary primary challenge from a Republican in 2020, but if he drops the ball on substantive immigration reform, he will have very little to point to as a reason to re-elect him. Who knows, it is quite possible that he won't even want to run for a second term or that he will resign in boredom part way through, As I said, no one knows!

Immigration reform is absolutely necessary and by reform I mean ending the nudge-nudge, wink-wink way the government deals with illegal aliens in our country right now. I mean seriously for us to interdict illegal border invaders and on the other side of the wall enact severe and expensive civil and criminal penalties for those who hire illegals. People hire illegals because they are cheap and there is little cost to getting caught but toss someone who hires illegals at a meat packing plant in jail for 30 days and we will see how hiring practices change. However, as important as not only stopping illegal aliens but also halting immigration of Third-World immigrants and "refugees" is, it is only one part of the solution.

It is one thing to bar entry to America by people from Third-World cultures that are incapable and uninterested in assimilation in the broader traditional American culture. That is a proper and necessary step, one of the few moves I have any confidence that Trump will make progress in achieving. It is quite another to stem to demographic disaster that is looming.

It is no secret that this country is rapidly losing our distinctive White European culture, a culture that made us the envy of the world and the destination of choice for people seeking a better life. This is intentional and in the eyes of the architects of this intentional dismantling of our culture a rousing success. By feeding White women and men the lie that child-bearing is a huge burden and that women having a career sitting in a cubicle or working at Wal-Mart is noble, coupled with abortion being celebrated as a sacrament, the White birth rate has plummeted. When you add in immigration, legal and illegal, it is clear that in the very near future, probably around 2050 which isn't that far off, Whites will no longer be the majority in America (see: It’s official: Minority babies are the majority among the nation’s infants, but only just ). In many places this will not be visible right away, especially in more rural areas and suburbs but it is going to happen anyway and the repercussions for our government, our culture and our economy will be cataclysmic. In some respects it will happen much sooner than 2050 as the Whites who do still constitute a majority in this country are already a pale shadow of what we used to be, pun intended.

It ought to go without saying but needs saying anyway. Just having a bunch of White kids born to single moms to increase the number of White people in America is not going to help. At all. We need White boys who grow into White men, men who work hard and provide for their families. We need White girls who grow into White women who work hard and care for their families. We need them to grow up, get married and then start having children of their own. Emulating the degraded and degrading "culture" of knocked up girls living off the state and raising successive generations of dependent class leeches is counter-productive. As a nation and as a people we are ill-served by fatherless children growing up (or not) being raised by minimum wage flunkies in day-care, by overwhelmed grandmothers or worst of all incarcerated in government run holding pens called public schools, having their minds warped and molded by the social justice warrior class. A white nation full of white people un-moored from white tradition is only slightly better than what we have now.

It seems apparent that when the Moynihan report came out in 1965, The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, many saw it as a challenge, not as one of overcoming the problem but of making it worse and spreading it to the White population. Check out the graph below:

Around 1980 White illegitimacy broke 10% and is upwards of 30% now. While black illegitimacy raced to the 70% mark it has somewhat leveled off while at the same time Whites have nearly tripled the rate. It is bad enough that so many Whites have embraced black pop "culture" but to have Whites emulating the black culture of mass fatherlessness and generational dependency means that even as Whites are diminished as a majority of the population in terms of sheer numbers, we are also becoming an impotent, hollowed out majority due to a coarsening of White culture and a complete abandonment of White traditions. We are under assault on two fronts and right now are ill-equipped to deal with either one.

So what is to be done?

Well, the solution is a lot more complex than electing Donald Trump and takes much longer. If the alt-right, if those who care about White identity and nationalism, wants to do more than post memes for lulz and argue about who is or is not a cuckservative, the real work is going to take place in homes, in our families. That means having families in the first place, being marriage and family minded and then taking the time to pass on our heritage and traditions to our children. For a lot of us that means actually learning about that heritage and tradition, especially the younger folks among us who grew up in an educational and cultural environment that loathed America, reviled Europe and hates anything that is distinctively White. A movement that has as the vanguard a bunch of single, childless dudes is not going to have any sustaining power no matter how amusing they might be on YouTube or Gab. The family and the community of families is the single most powerful counter-agent to the perversion of the pop culture and that is why the traditional White family is by far the cultural institution that gets the most anger and attention from the cultural elites. Destroy the White family and destroy White culture and traditions and it doesn't matter what happens with immigration.

Talk like that is going to get labelled misogynistic and anti-feminist. I embrace that cheerfully. It also invokes the specter of the Lebensborn and the Aryan family idealism of the Third Reich. That can't be helped and I don't have much interest in running from it. Sometimes you can be right for the wrong reasons. The cultural elite and the education oligarchs have been engaged in a scorched earth campaign unchecked for decades, openly warring against the family, against parental authority and autonomy, against the traditions and culture that made America great.

Brothers, don't stop blogging and tweeting and filming videos and in general engaging the broader culture in the mediums of the day but do be aware that the real work is more than just winning arguments online and drying up the flow of illegal aliens. We must begin the hard work of reversing a demographic and cultural catastrophe and do it one family at a time. Our goal must be more robust than a racially White but culturally impotent and effeminate America. To truly make America great again will require great White families raising great White kids who will reclaim and embrace our culture and traditions.

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