Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Quick Note On My Blog List

I have started to compile a list of "alt-right" blog sites/news sites/what have you sites on the sidebar. I am pretty new into this whole public "alt-right" thing and am feeling my way around. I am sure that some of the sites that I listed as "Alt-Right Sites (More Or Less)" are not really alt-right sites. I am sure I am missing some good sites. I am sure some of the sites are full of garbage that I don't want to read or be associated with. I am open to feedback and suggestions. In reality though, when I have a blog list it is more than "You should read these blogs". It is also "I should read these blogs" and for a reminder to me to see what is happening, a personal reading list if you will as much as a public one. Like I said, this is pretty new territory for me so I am just learning who the players are, who is profitbale to read, who is thoughtful and thought-provoking and who are just juvenile idiots, so that list is a dynamic compilation that I expect to change a lot, probably more in the sense of adding than subtracting but we shall see.

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